Monday, April 5, 2010

Scrivo da Roma

Welcome to my new blog! I am completely fed up with Twitter and all this micro-blogging business, so I’ve decided to try my luck at complete sentences and carefully crafted paragraphs. Plus I found myself rather dull in just 140 characters. No promises that this blog will be any more entertaining than my tweets, but it will certainly be more entertaining for me to write. In my nearly ten months away from any sort of scholastic writing obligation, this blog will represent my feeble attempt to sharpen my writing skills (so any and all critiques are welcome...but out of pride and laziness I may or may not read them). Regardless, let me help you get in to the habit of sending feedback with a simple assignment: any ideas for a stellarly-awesome blog title? Puns, clich├ęs, onomatopoeia, they are all welcome.
However before you start firing all sorts of random, yet probably awesome titles into the blog comment box, maybe you should continue reading to find out exactly what genre of content with which I will fill the pages of my online journal.
I am primarily a cyclist who loves to travel and compete all over the United States, Europe, and now apparently Asia. As a member of the Trek-Livestrong Under 23 cycling team as well as the Under 23 USA National team, I have the unique and special opportunity to jet around the globe to race my bike. A lot of this blog will be race reports (I promise to try to maybe possibly make them fun to read) as well as general observations of my days as a teenager who neglected to attend school for a year.
Which leads me to the second point of this blog; I deferred my enrollment to Princeton University until the fall of 2010, and although the majority of my year off is behind me, blogging offers a way to document and share some of the unique things I have been able to do and see. This gap year has given me the opportunity to explore the world outside the confines of school – and on occasion outside the world of sport as well – and there are experiences and observations I want to share with the general public. What better way to share such stories than a personal blog? I truly don’t care if no one reads it, but if you have read this far into this first blog then I must be really good and you should check back every once in awhile (plus just wait until I get around to goat beheading story...yea now you’re hooked).
The bottom line is I will write in this blog whatever happens to be on my mind that day–which means 90% of the time I will be talking about cycling (and I must credit my sister Emily for being the first to theorize that 90% of what I say is cycling related)– but don’t expect the same-old race reports and training updates. No. Who said cycling has to be so mindless? I’m going to do my darndest to divulge the philosophical, comical, psychological, and yes, even intellectual side of cycling. And trust me this blog is not about how cool I think I am and how cool I think the things I’ve done are. No, it’s about the cool people I have had the privilege to work with and the amazing cultures and locations of the places where I have had the privilege to travel and work...along with some totally unbiased color commentary. I hope you find this twitter-on-steroids more informative and interesting than my failed attempt to become a successful micro-blogger.
P.S. I just did a character count of this entry: 3,090. It’s 22 times better than Twitter.

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